What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a broad system with many different detailed teachings and roots. The meaning of the word “yoga” means to yoke, or union, bringing together all the aspects of body, breath and mind, so that we can discover our true self. Most people think it to be a practice for exercise and flexibly, however it was intended to be taught to the individual for harnessing the stillness of the mind.

Hatha yoga is the main yoga practice that is familiar in the world today through which one practices asana, or yoga poses. Styles have adapted and developed to make it more accessible to so many people. Yoga is a practice which is meant to be a life long journey and cannot be "mastered", only cultivated. 

Styles of Yoga

There are a variety of different yoga classes that suit different people, ages, abilities and levels of experience. 

Vinyasa/Flow yoga tends to be a more fluid, flowing practice with alignment to breath and movement in unison. There is a strong emphasis of flowing the movements transitioning through postures and attention to sequencing.  

Hatha is a slower pace with more attention to anatomy, correct placement and alignment based postures. Many options in poses are usually offered. Hatha practice focuses very much on the strength and support of muscles and breath work.

Yin yoga is a slow practice with 3-5 minute holds in each pose. This practice is great for busy minds and active bodies who find it challenging to slow down and for people who have low energy, lethargy and prefer a gentler/slower style of practice.  Yin is a meditative experience on constant awareness. 

Trauma Informed Yoga a specially designed yoga practice to help work with and manage PTSD, trauma and anxiety. This practice can help build emotional resilience as emotional pain and traumatic memories can be stored in the body long after exposure to a traumatic situation has ended. 

Private Classes can be booked individually or for 2 or more people if group classes are not your thing. Feeling comfortable in your practice is important. A private class can give you direction to work towards an aspiration or goal that you have in mind. It can be anything like developing balance, increasing flexibility or strength, stilling the mind, improving sleep or helping to cope with stress. 

Private sessions are individually designed to specifically work on;

  • Alignment

  • Posture 

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Mindfulness 

  • Meditation

  • Create a personal practice or sequence that is achievable for your body and what you need personally. 

  • Groups or events

      Private Lessons

   one on one or group

Private Classes

Private classes can be organised in a public or private location or home residence. 

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